Cash on Delivery available under Rs.10,000/-

Backgammon Tray

Rs. 13,000.00

Cherry Wood Tray

Rs. 13,000.00

Lustrous Dark Honey and Black French Finish Brass Bound CornersåÊ

Star Table

Rs. 43,400.00

Victorians called this style of table a cocktail table. The mariner's star brings to mind a First Class lounge. Exceptional artistry is used to apply a table top intarsia. Selected, contrasting veneers are expertly cut and assembled into a truly nautical table.

War chest

Rs. 61,200.00

An elegant and stylish side table, with some unexpected secret space.åÊ Back panel pulls aside for secret access Brass campaign corners and carry handles Pull-out shelfåÊ

Bombay Box

Rs. 70,000.00

Two small, one large drawer with solid bronze ring-pulls Heavy campaign quality side handles for easy carrying Pull out shelf åÊ

End Table Trunk (Black)

Rs. 80,500.00

Victorian luggage was made to be shipped by horse drawn coach and train travel. It was sent ahead and handled by porters only. The tall square shape of our 'end table' trunk was made to fit more easily into tight steamer and long distance train cabins. Plus it easily swallowed a tall black stovepipe hat... The classic maple hoops strengthened...