Designer Studio Collectibles was founded on the perception of a distinct requirement from our customer for objects of art to satisfy their occasion needs. This could manifest in requirements for their own homes or for gifting. This desire for art and artifacts seems to reflect the increasing level in education, exposure and incomes of the Indian diaspora.

We have also noted their pressing desire to give gifts that are more personal and endearing than mere reflections of pecuniary value. We aim to fulfill this demand through our offering of: 

  • The comic sculpture collection created by Guillermo Forchino, a Paris sculptor with a loyal following.
  • The museum sculpture replicas produced under license from the foundations of the old masters such as Klimt, Dali, Rodin and Michelangelo.
  • The furniture and artifact collections that are authentic reproductions of iconic objects, both old and current.
  • The Art of Gifting collection by contemporary sculptors. Each piece is created with an underlying meaning, and so make for eminent personal gifts, corporate awards, mementos and presentations.
  • The Kids Collection is created by a group of child psychologists and graphic artists. This collection, targeted at 3-8yr olds, interactively aims at improving cognitive and motor skills while raising self esteem.
  • Contemporary sculpture, which includes the collection of ceramic and glass sculpture, in forms of fruits, by Lisa Pappon.

These collections have been curated with a vision to keep the story both unique and eclectic. A common thread of gravitas passes through the collections. Always evincing an emotional connect, each item is a subject of conversation, either through its humor or its history.