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Da Vinci The Vitruvian Man (White)

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This artifact/sculpture is an official reproduction of the original work of art. The material (resin and sandstone) and finish has been approved by the foundation of the artist.

Immaculate detailing makes it an accurate resemblance of the original and invites you to bring history into your home. The sculpture adds a sense of gravitas to your space.

As home décor

Where: Office decor , Bedroom décor, living room decor, TV room decor

Placement: Office desk, shelf, high table, coffee table

Makes for a touching gift for any occasion such as a birthday gift, housewarming gift etc.

Safe and secure packaging, we guarantee delivery in prime condition.

About the artist:Da Vinci tended to compensate for his lack of an education in the classical sense with an excess of empirical studies. The most famous of these is the Vitruvian Man so-called because it is based on the description of the ideal human proportions by Roman architect Vitruvius (around 85-20 BC)